Fisheries Information Management System (FIMS)

Information management is a key responsibility for FiA, mainly related to generating the official annual fisheries statistical report, but also to publicise and make available information on core activities, related to fisheries management. Data and information are generated by all FiA departments as well as at sub-national offices, facilitating the use of digital data collection and reporting tools to support the transformation to a digital government. This is one of five major priority frameworks recently launched under a 15 years policy framework for the Cambodia Digital Economy and Society Policy framework 2021-2035 (available here), along with digital technology in revolution industry 4.0, under the National Digital Economic and Social Council chaired by the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The main focus for FIMS is 
  • Facilitating the use of tools and approaches for generating national fisheries statistical reports from routine collection of data by FiAC and key FiA departments 
  • Providing information and access to key databases both for internal use by FiA and FiAC, but also to promote collaboration with key stakeholders in the fisheries sector