Distribution of fisheries processing and post-harvest enterprises

Post-harvest fisheries have a long tradition in the private sector in Cambodia and FiA is concerned with supporting the quality standards for fish product production, storage and use; and for promoting both domestic and export markets. To achieve this FiA supports the establishment of fish product processing associations and has established production standards for key fish products such as prahok, dried snakehead and frozen shrimp. The Cambodian post-harvest fisheries are characterised by women playing an essential as wholesalers, processors and retailers, while dominating the marketing of small fish in domestic markets. In Cambodia, around 20 per cent of the population rely directly on the fisheries sector for their livelihood. Therefore, the fishery value chains play a significant role in the socio-economic development of the country. The post-harvest fishery activities employ an estimated 33,000 persons, the majority of whom are women, and the sector is one of the main sources of income generation and job creation in Cambodia. Nevertheless, the fishery resources are not valorized at their full potential and the post-harvest activities are still dominated by small- and micro- scale productions which are generally informal and can not access to high end external markets. In addition, FiA promotes the use of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and other quality and safety standards throughout the fishery and cooperates with other agencies to provide effective laboratory facilities and services for microbial analysis of fish to address quality standards for export markets.

Technical support to fisheries post-harvest is provided by UNIDO under the EU funded CAPFISH Programme. The CAPFISH-Capture: Postharvest Fisheries Development project focuses on building capacities of businesses as well as its support institutions in the country for sustainable and competitive fishery development programme. The project is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UNIDO in cooperation with Fisheries Administration (FiA), support institutions and private sector fishery businesses.

In support of the targets a number of data sets and information tools have been developed by UNIDO in close collaboration with FiA.