Published statistics for Cambodian fisheries sector

The Department of Planning, Finance and International Cooperation (DPFIC) within FiA, as part of its monitoring work, is responsible for collating and publishing national fishery statistics, e.g. error check and verify the reported data from alternative sources, e.g. the annual socio-economic and agricultural surveys and available catch assessment data. The department is the official entity submitting the FiA annual statistics to MAFF and produces monthly, quarterly and annual reports. 

The main tool for collating national statistics, are monthly questionnaires that are sent out to each cantonment to request reports on fisheries data. The basis for the current routine reporting system is obtained from reports by commune level, and collated at District level before forwarded to Fisheries Cantonment level for preparing monthly reports to PDAF and FiA. The statistical reporting is based on key informants (fishers, traders), field observations, records available with village and commune authorities and local estimates for production and trends, depending on the perceived strength of the annual flooding, seasonal changes, etc…

With the technical assistance from FAO CAPFISH a digital reporting tool is under development to facilitate reporting and access to fisheries statistical data for use by Fisheries Cantonment staff. This initial focused on reporting for capture and aquaculture production and amount of fish and other aquatic animals processed, which has been in use since June 2023. This system is currently evaluated and will gradually expand to also include all other required fisheries statistics collected and reported.

2022 Quarter 1 Statistical Report

The quarterly report on fishery statistics in Cambodia offers a detailed overview of key indicators and trends, assisting stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers in making informed decisions and promoting sustainable management.

Statistics 2022 Quarterly Summary

This document serves as the Official Bulletin for Cambodia Fishery Statistics, offering detailed quarterly summary tables alongside separate monthly reports (Khmer only)

  • Year: 2022
  • Series: 2022-Q1
  • Publisher: DPFIC
  • Type: Summary Statistics
  • Keyword: Statistics, Fishery, Cambodia

Statistics Annual 2022

This document serves as the Official Bulletin for Cambodia Fishery Statistics, Annual 2022 summary Report  (Khmer only)